If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. It’s the hard that makes it great.

– Tom Hanks

Sisyphus at Work

Feature, Fiction
About This Project

In august 2019 Charlotte started with a new project. Creative Producer Hans de Wolf (KeyFilm) introduced her to the production management team of ‘Sisyphus at Work’ (previously known as ‘Poor Boy’), a film directed by Ramón Gieling, produced by Doxy Films. In this team she took the role of Production Coordinator. The shooting days took place between October and December 2019, in Den Bosch and Eindhoven. The film will be released in 2021.



Ramón Gieling



Doxy Films

Savage Film



Filmdirector Boy Talma returns to his hometown after having lived in New York for 7 years to shoot his new film ‘Sisyphus at Work’, a musical film, inspired by Albert Camus’ ‘The Myth of Sisyphus’.

Starting the preparations for his film, Boy finds out that he has only nine months left to live. He decides to tell nobody, not even his wife Zelda, but the scenes he imagines for his “music film” begin to coincide with his own life. Friends, enemies and loved ones are given a role in his fantasized film.

More and more Boy is losing himself in the abyss between fiction and reality, while in a special friendship with the lonesome daughter of his deceased assistant, thirteen-year-old Virginia, he makes a final, rebellious journey; or, as he says, ‘his best film’.

At the wrap party of the film which he completed in his imagination – he is the only one who must stay after midnight.


Main cast

Johan Heldenbergh (a.o. The Zookeeper’s Wife)
Thekla Reuten (a.o. De Tweeling, Het Diner)

Hannah Hoekstra (a.o. Hemel, De Helleveeg)

Valentijn Dhaenens (a.o. De Helaasheid der Dingen)
Cécilia Vos (a.o. Grijs is ook een kleur)